How to Shave for the Season: Tips for Winter and Summer

Protect your skin from irritation, ingrown hairs and razor burns. Learn how to shave properly during winter and summer with these seasonal shaving tips.

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Protect your skin from irritation, ingrown hairs and razor burn all year long. Learn how to shave properly during winter and summer with these seasonal shaving tips. Harsher weather can leave skin agitated. Knowing how to shave correctly during the more extreme seasons of summer and winter can help prevent further skin irritation, razor burn and ingrown hairs. Here are seasonal shaving tips to better protect your skin all year long.

Shaving in Winter

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The frigid, dry air of winter often causes dry, flaky skin. Discover how to keep your skin healthy while shaving during the colder months of the year.

Should women shave during winter?

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How often to shave during winter comes down to personal preference. Many people may choose to shave less since their skin is typically more covered this time of the year. However, close-fitting clothing may agitate dry skin or cause chafing. If this occurs, shaving can actually help by removing dead skin and reducing friction caused by body hair rubbing against clothing.

How do I deal with dry skin during winter?

Skin Peeling Before Shaving

Exfoliating regularly helps prevent dry, flaky skin, especially during winter. Use a gentle scrub, loofah or a pair of exfoliation gloves to lightly rub away any dead skin cells. You can also keep your skin well-hydrated by preserving moisture while you shave. Soak the area you plan to shave for three to five minutes, use shaving gel and apply moisturiser after you shave. Learn how to pick the best shaving cream for your specific shaving needs.

What shaving tools are best while on holiday vacation?

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To make sure you shave properly even while on the go during the holidays, always keep a travel-sized shaving gel, moisturiser and razor blade in your travel bag or suitcase. If you’re extra tight on space in your suitcase, consider a razor with built-in moisture bars to eliminate the need for shaving gel, or try a mini travel razor.

Shaving in Summer

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Shaving is always a personal choice. But if you do choose to shave during the warmer months of the year, here’s how to protect your skin from irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

Will shaving make my tan fade faster?

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Shaving will not cause a tan to fade. In actuality, shaving can help enhance your tan by removing dead skin cells that block the healthy skin underneath. Safe sun exposure will also preserve your tan. Apply sun cream and take breaks from the sun to keep your skin from burning.

How can I keep my skin soft after shaving during summer?

4 Steps Shaving Process Includes Bathing, Shaving Gel Application, Shaving, Moisturizing

Dehydration from the heat impacts your health and body, which includes your skin. Keep your skin healthy and soft by shaving properly. Soak before you shave. Apply shaving gel. Shave in steady strokes. And use moisturiser once you’re finished. Learn how to shave each individual area of the body to prevent skin irritation, razor burn and bumps.

What are some top summer vacation shaving tips?

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In addition to keeping a travel-sized shaving set in your suitcase, here are a few summer shaving tips to bear in mind:

  • Let your skin recover after shaving and before exposing it to the sun, applying sun cream or tanning lotion, or going to the pool.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water and by applying moisturiser regularly.
  • Never skip using shaving cream, unless using a razor with built-in moisture bars.

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