Permanent Hair Removal Methods for Women

From IPL treatments to electrolysis, learn about some of the most popular and effective permanent hair removal methods to find a solution that works for you.

Permanent Body Hair Removal Methods for Women

If you want to completely prevent hair regrowth, you should consider more permanent hair removal solutions that damage the hair from the follicle. But how do you know which one to choose? Learn more about some of the most popular and effective permanent hair removal methods.

Intense pulsed light (IPL)

Legs Shaving with Braun Intense Pulsed Light

IPL treatments reduce hair growth by using broad-spectrum light to target the hair follicles. You can get professional IPL treatments at a salon or do it yourself at home with a handheld IPL device.

This hair removal method works best on dark hair and can result in the permanently reduced appearance of hair in as little as 4 to 12 treatments with continued, regular use.


Electrolysis a Permanent Hair Removal Method

Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method which uses a special machine to stop hair growth with chemical or heat energy; then, the hair follicles are removed with tiny electric tweezers.
Although electrolysis is permanent, the number of sessions needed to achieve permanent hair removal varies according to each person’s genetics. Electrolysis can be very costly and requires a skilled professional to administer the treatments.

Depilatory cream

Woman Apply Shaving Gel to Shave Legs in the Bath

While it will not prevent hair regrowth permanently, depilatory cream is a great option for removing bikini line and body hair. It may also lower the chances of skin irritation as you avoid contact between your skin and a razor.

Depilatory cream works by weakening strands of hair on the skin before you wipe off the targeted area to remove hair.

Laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is similar to Intense Pulsed Light methods, however laser treatments use a single wavelength to target the hair follicles, rather than the broad-spectrum light used in IPL which can be less precise.

The wavelength focuses on maximising the heat absorption of the hair follicles during the treatment to prevent regrowth, whereas broad-spectrum light used in IPL targets larger patches of hair at multiple wavelengths.

You can have laser hair removal performed by a professional at a salon. Although highly effective and easy to do, laser treatments and IPL, can cause burning and irritation if performed incorrectly.

Permanent hair removal at home

Different Hair Removal Methods

Along with salon treatments, there are at home treatments available which offer long lasting results.

Handheld devices for laser hair removal at home use pulsed light to target your hair at its follicle. They also use lower energy levels than salon devices so generally reduce hair more gradually over time.

Before trying any new method, be sure to understand how they work and whether the treatment will work well for you.

Pros of permanent hair removal at home

Laser and Intense Pulsated Light Devices Provide a More Permanent Hair Removal Method

Targeting smaller areas: At home laser removal devices are particularly effective for zoning on one area of growth like the bikini line.

Cost effective in long run: While home laser devices may be a big initial investment they are significantly less than booking continued salon appointments over time.

Cons of permanent hair removal at home

Woman shaving her leg while sitting in a bathtub with Gillette Venus Razor

Hard to reach areas: Much like many women may opt to have waxing done professionally to reach difficult areas, you may run into a similar issue here with your home laser device.

Time spent: As you will need to learn the art of permanent hair removal at home, early sessions may be time consuming as you get used to this method.

In addition to these permanent hair removal solutions, there are numerous ways to successfully get rid of body hair, including at the surface or at the root.

What’s most important is to find a hair removal method that works best for your desired results, whether that’s completely preventing regrowth, reducing regrowth frequency or simply finding a solution that’s fast, affordable and effective to achieve smooth results, style or cut.